Aug-Sept 1981. 

36 women walked  110 miles from Cardiff to RAF Greenham Common in protest against the Americans holding Cruise missiles on common land. 

  Aug-Sept 2021.   

Over 100 women will recreate this iconic march of solidarity.

Visit the Anniversary March page for information on every stage of the March.

This march marked the beginning of a 19 year protest at Greenham Common.

The Common became home to thousands of women acting in political resistance to the nuclear arms race.

Explore this site to hear their stories first-hand.

If you are planning a 4oth Anniversary event of your own, let us know

#Greenham40March    #ScaryLittleG's 

The Project

We have travelled the country interviewing the women who formed the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. Funded by The Heritage Lottery South West, this is the largest collection of oral testimonies of the women yet collated, digitised and made available to the public.

We have interviewed 100 women. Every month, we'll release new testimonies until our full collection is available on the site.

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Listen to these personal, fascinating and enlightening conversations with Greenham women.


See our project photographs of the women, photographic donations from the women's personal collections and snapshots of the wonderful material archivists have collected.


Read the written testimonies of Greenham Women, highlighting key experiences from their time on the Common.

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