Welcome to Common Ground - A Greenham Women Everywhere project

Common Ground explores the impact of Greenham 40 years on both on the women who were there and people finding out about Greenham for the first time today.

Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was created in 1981 and became home to thousands of women acting in political resistance to the nuclear arms race for 19 years.

Discover more about the Greenham Common Peace Camps through our Impact Tree and support us in uncovering more about the legacy of Greenham to grow the next new shoots and branches!

The Impact Tree is designed to help you understand what Greenham Women did by giving you ways to explore our archive and discover stories, memories and photographs as well as offering you ideas and resources to uncover the impact Greenham has had on your local community.

We’ve been visiting places up and down the UK and you’ll find interviews and images that show the impact of Greenham today on the people we’ve met. Find out more about how you can add to our Impact Tree below.



We’re looking for primary, secondary, SEND, PRU and educated otherwise groups from across the country to join us as we explore the impact of Greenham Common 40 years on.

Join us for a free online workshop or Q&A, build a Wall of Hope in your school or interview your local community to see that they remember about Greenham Common – your school project can be big or small. We’ll be inviting your learners to create their own manifesto that declares their aims for the future they want.

Find out more on our schools pages here.


Explore Key Themes

The Impact Tree is packed full of interview clips, videos, animations, lesson plans and resources to help you find out more about the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camps. The new shoots show some of the stories we’ve uncovered as we have visited places up and down the UK.

We’ve highlighted some key themes that might help you as you start your journey to find out more about Greenham Common, the creative camp, life at the camp and some of the actions large and small. Find out more here.