In this clip from Beeban Kidron and Amanda Richardson’s fly on the wall documentary from their time at Greenham Common Peace Camp you can see the Greenham Women reading out a newspaper article about Embrace the Base. Find out how Embrace the Base was reported and hear a little bit about the role men played in supporting the action.



Further reading

You can find out more about being at Embrace the Base in Lainey Claxton’s interview

As a student, Lainey was an active member of CND and went on marches with the anti-Nazi league. Her first visit to Greenham was in 1981 for the Embrace the Base action where she pinned a photo of her younger sisters to the fence and remembers bursting into tears at the thought of what a nuclear bomb would do to them. She gives an account of a visit about a year later, when a military policeman assaulted her friend. She also shares a protest song she sang when at Greenham, “No Man’s Land” by Eric Bogle.

Contributor Beeban Kidron and Amada Richardson