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The women who visited and lived at Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp came from many different backgrounds and all walks of life. They were concerned about the threat of nuclear war, the environment and women’s rights.

For many it was the first time they had heard other women speaking about causes that mattered to them. Many women who came had their politics radicalised as they were introduced to new ideas.

Here are some ideas to encourage discussion and share thoughts in your classroom.

Further reading

Lorna was involved in her local CND group from the age of 14 and learnt about Greenham through the Quakers.

She talks about how her political and moral views were shaped by her aunt and how she first hitched to Green Gate with two friends when she was 16. Lorna recalls staying at Turquoise Gate, prison sentences, underground nuclear testing and singing songs to keep up energy and morale.

You can hear more about her experiences here: