Read all about it!  Wednesday 1st September -  Devizes to Marlborough


All the news and latest updates from the days March.


The marchers left on day 7 in the final stages of this epic journey.  They began walking even before the ducks were awake on a serene morning in Devizes.  Todays march took them on 14 miles of open country and roads that stretched to the distance bringing them to a total of 89 miles.  Lunch was taken at the Waggon & Horses, more details of that as they emerge.  A shopping trolley was involved in the days events as was a moving presentation in a Marlborough Park.  Don't forget that you can track the days march in real-time with our live-map and you can watch all of the video downloads as we are receiving them and making them available.   Enjoy the days Gallery!

Wide views, long roads and smiling Marchers push on to Marlborough

The Devizes to Marlborough Gallery

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Rebecca Mordan interviewed live during the March

Listen to the BBC Womans Hour recording

Tweet from a Greenham Woman.  SarahS Esq.  Read tweet...

New footage to site of day 3 crossing the Severn Bridge.   See video...

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