Calling all Teachers and Educators!

We want Greenham to be taught to younger generations.

The stories of Greenham not only teach young people about an important part of political history, but they teach us the power of resistance, of feminism, of collective action, of non-violence, of peace, of motivating positive change, of working together in kind, non-hierarchical structures.

Under the context of the #MeToo movement, the climate crisis and in a world in which Violence Against Women is endemic, we have never needed the lessons of Greenham more.

We are developing school’s workshops which will start conversations about ways in which girls can access their personal and collective power, and where boys can absorb non-violent ways of communication, and go against the cultural norms, learning to respect women and girls.

Our workshops will be designed for both primary and secondary pupils.

We aim for them to be interactive, fun, and to help encourage younger generations find their own ways of making the world a kinder place.

The workshops will be available on free download from this site in 2020.

In the meantime, we have created this free downloadable study support pack full of Greenham facts and ways you can use Greenham history and concepts with your students, enjoy!

Download the Study Support Pack