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40th Anniversary March

To mark the 40th year of the Greenham Common March and to honour the amazing women that protested for 19 years, the original route was recreated from the 26th August - 3rd September 2021 with a weekend of events and celebrations held at Greenham Control Tower

We are hugely grateful to our funders Arts Council and Heritage Lottery for their support, and to the hundreds of people who supported our crowdfunder, volunteered their time, performed, marched, and made it all happen.

If you have any material from your March experience please get in touch.

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We tried to replicate the original route as far as possible and provided live positioning of the marchers throughout each day.

During the March Daily Digests were published giving a flavour of the day’s events.

Day 1. Thursday 26th August  Cardiff to Newport


Today our marchers began the 11 mile route from Cardiff to Newport.

The crowd gathered in Gorsedd Gardens, opposite Cardiff's great City Hall, whose postcode is CF10 3ND - is it a coincidence that CND appears in this very first postcode?

Frankie Armstrong and the amazing Cor Cochion Caerdydd Womens Choir brought their golden voices to Gorsedd Gardens this morning to start proceedings off.

Today's march is expected to take around five and a half hours to reach their destination in Newport, The Riverfront in Kingsway.

Talks were given by original Greenham Women, including Ann Pettitt, Jill Evans and Sue Lent will be digitally broadcast from 6.30-8.30 this evening.

Cardiff to Newport Gallery

News from Newbury Today Online

View the coverage from Wales online

Then and now, remembering the march

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Day 2.  Friday 27th August Newport to Chepstow


Our marvellous marchers began the most lengthy section of the march, a 16 mile route from Newport to Chepstow, which will be followed by a 17 miler the next day.

More than ever they needed encouragement to help them along this historic route.

The starting point was Presbyterian Church Of Wales, now known as the  Community House.

 This day's march was expected to take around eight hours and our weary but proud participants were reached their destination, Chepstow Riverfront Bandstand  at around 7pm.

From 7-8.30 a powerful and thought provoking 'Weaving the Web/inars: Greenham 40th: Feminist disarmament and treaty-building.' was broadcast bringing a close to the day's proceedings.

Among the aching feet and the smiling faces there was a glass or two of well deserved wine, celebrating the fantastic achievements of all involved.

Listen to the day's podcast

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The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Greenham Protests.

Three young female activists join a march to celebrate 40 years since the Greenham Common Women’s Peace protest

Connecting the #MeToo generation with the women who paved their way.

Find out more about these captivating young documentary makers: Poppy, Evie and Xanthe

Photographs by Barbara Santi © 2021.

Read the Greenham March updates with The History Press

Check out the brilliant pictures from SouthWales Argus.  They include Ingrid Wilson,  at the Community House in both 1981 and 2021.  Jill (Ray) Raymond, in the Greenham Peace Camp for 16 years and Rosemary Butler who talked at the Riverfront Theatre after todays march.

Crossing the Severn Bridge in more

Read 19.10.19 piece in the Evening Standard

Day 3. Saturday 28th August -  Chepstow to Bristol


The women left Chepstow Drill Hall for stage 3 of the march.

Stage 2 was a tough day for the lovely ladies as both stage 2 and stage 3 were 16 and 17 mile stages, back to back and the longest sections across the entire route.

The group arrived to a fabulous welcome committee on Horfield Common, Bristol where emotions ran high.

The ladies said that this stage was the loneliest so far and they kept their spirits flying by singing old Greenham Songs which a wonderful marcher by the name of Clare is collating and trying to preserve for the history of Greenham Women.

Going  along the route cars tooted their horns in support and shouted  messages of encouragement which was fantastic to hear.

The march ended with live music by the Bristol Quakers House on a balmy summer evening with friendships rekindled and stories shared.

Check out the amazing pictures and links following all of the days progress.

Listen to the day's podcast

The Chepstow to Bristol Gallery

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2021 and 40 years on - Greenham women again crossing the Severn Bridge

We love all the original Greenham badges we are seeing.  If you have pictures of badges from any period of the peace camps at Greenham  we would very much like you to send them to us to be added to our growing archive.  Get in touch..

Day 4. Sunday 28th August -  Bristol to Bath


In the  morning the crowds gathered outside the Bristol Quaker House in preparation for the fourth days march to Bath.

The destination: The University of Bath, Claverton Down, a stretch of 12 miles, so much kinder on the body than the previous couple of days.

The numbers had swelled for the march, spirits were high and the march began in full song.

From 7.00-8.30 pm Dr Lynne Jones spoke at the University about what Greenham means today, and was joined by Diana Francis, a life-time peace campaigner, speaking about a future of cooperation for the common good.

Listen to the day's podcast

The Bristol to Bath Gallery

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Its great to see such a wonderful turnout for the Bristol to Bath march.

Clare leads the marchers in song.  Listen here...

The marchers take a break in Bristol - watch here

The Guardian has another brilliant piece about Greenham.  Read article...

Day 5. Monday 30th August -  Bath to Melksham


The walkers arrived in Bath last night to a beautiful sunset.

They walked 12 miles from Bristol and have another 12 miles today to Melksham.

The scenery was stunning and these determined women made it to the halfway point.

68 miles under their belts, what an achievement!

May you have strength, solidarity and indomitable spirit, as your sisters before.  Push on girls!

Listen to the day's podcast

The Bath to Melksham Gallery

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High spirits and beautiful scenery as they journey to Melksham

Images of arrival in Bath.  Watch video...

Our marchers are both singing and swinging!  Watch here...

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Day 6. Tuesday 31th August -  Melksham to Devizes


The weather held out for day 6 of the March, as our wonderful women went river side for their route to Devizes.

A well deserved 7 miler, the shortest of all the stages, surely a huge relief to the dozens of aching feet and limbs.

Such serene and stunning scenery as you can see from the pictures, our steadfast walkers made a brilliance of colour against the backdrop; banners and doves aloft.

They will have relished this leg as  the distance doubles to a very stiff 14 miles. for Day 7.

Come on Girls - You have a so much love and support behind you!!

Listen to the day's podcast

The Melksham to Devizes Gallery

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Stunning waterside views on the way to Devizes

Greenham Women Are Everywhere

Read the article in Unherd

The Spirit of Greenham Rises Again

Read the article in the Morning Star.

Gentle voices.  Powerful message.  Watch video...

Both Sides of the Fence

Read the article from Kennet Radio

Day 7. Wednesday 1st September -  Devizes to Marlborough


The marchers left on day 7 in the final stages of this epic journey.

They began walking even before the ducks were awake on a serene morning in Devizes.

This stage took them on 14 miles of open country and roads that stretched to the distance bringing them to a total of 89 miles.

Lunch was taken at the Waggon & Horses, more details of that as they emerge!  A

shopping trolley was involved in the days events as was a moving presentation in a Marlborough Park.

Enjoy the days Gallery!

Listen to today's Podcast

The Devizes to Marlborough Gallery

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Day 8. Thursday 2nd September -  Marlborough to Hungerford


The March left Marlborough behind for the 10 miles to Hungerford.

This brings the March total up to 99 miles, an incredible achievement.

Their companionship, singing and shared cause pushed them towards their goal but they still needed as much encouragement as they could get for the final stages.

Their emotions  were running high as they reached Greenham and the end of their 40th Anniversary March.

Much love and luck to the marchers as they undertake the final leg.

The Marlborough to Hungerford Gallery

The fantastic all female photographic team for day 8.

Greenham Peace Women gather to remember anti-nuclear weapons protest 40 years on.

Read the article in NewburyToday

The marchers hit their 99 miles in Hungerford today.

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Day 9. Friday 3rd September -  Hungerford to Greenham Common


A brilliant assembly of marchers arrived for the last stage of the 40th Anniversary March.

Leaving Hungerford in song they embarked on their last 11 miles to Greenham.

Early afternoon finds them paused for a beautiful three part harmony on a bridge in bright sunshine - click here to watch video.

The march was at a well deserved and more leisurely pace taking in the tranquil scenery along the riverside, arrival at the Control Tower was around 6pm.

Throughout these last 9 days they have photographed, videoed, tweeted, podcast and thoroughly documented their historic tribute to all the women involved in the Greenham Protest from the first 36 women in 1981 until the final victory in 2000.

The Hungerford to Greenham Gallery

Spreading smiles alongside the river.  See video...

The March takes the final stage from Hungerford today.

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The marchers leave Hungerford this morning.  See video...

Weekend of 3rd-5th September.


The March arrived after 9 days and 110 miles on Greenham Common.

They were met by a welcoming party who had walked from the Control Tower to the Bloo Gate and both groups sang as they walked towards each other and met for an emotionally charged union.

Greenham Common stretched to meet a vivid blue sky making a breath taking backdrop to the combined mass of colour and song.

Banners waved in the breeze and the doves, who had made the entire march, flapped insouciantly on their sticks to the rhythm of the walkers.

The Control Tower, now a cafe, squatted incongruously behind the hedgerows as they approached.  An avenue of applause and cheers greeted the assembly while they covered their last hundred metres.

There were drinks and tents with talks and slide shows.  There was poetry, stories, experience, friendships and solidarity.

To be there amongst the Greenham Women gave the sense that you were, from then on, embroidered into its history.

It was moving, fascinating, and very, very humbling.

The Greenham Gallery

End of day slideshow at Greenham Common

40 years on and the relationship between Greenham Women and the local police is in a positive place.  We are glad to report - no arrests today!

Congratulations to everyone involved at every stage of this event.

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Beautiful 3-part harmony of 'Angry Women'.  See video...

Poetry at the Common from a next generation feminist activist.  See video...

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