Welcome to the Greenham Women Everywhere Campfires, where you can immerse yourself in conversations with women from our archive of oral testimonies.

Around each Campfire, you can take a seat and ask the questions that *you* want to ask. Take your own journey through Greenham history and present-day legacy in the words of those who weave it. Find out more about the women you are speaking with, and even sing with them.

These Campfires are slow-tech; hand-digitised from real conversations into a gently interactive, contemplative text adventure designed to keep the focus on the speakers’ unaltered words, and to allow space for your own thinking. Whether you hunker down for hours, or drop into this suspended moment in time on your way to work, a wealth of knowledge, experience and action awaits you here.

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Skills development

Throughout the pandemic we have run several strands of training in tech skills. We open up the process of creating these campfires, and share those skills with women for whom the flexible and self-directed remote work tech skills enable can be a lifeline. We run free and funded workshops introducing Twine, and further, funded training in digitising conversational archives.

Take a seat around one of these campfires, built by artists new to Twine.

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