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All the news and latest updates from the days March.


Today the March left Marlborough behind for the 10 miles to Hungerford.  This brings the March total up to 99 miles, an incredible achievement.  Their companionship, singing and shared cause is pushing them towards their goal but they still need as much encouragement as they can get for the final march tomorrow, so please keep your support coming.  There will be emotions running high as they reach Greenham and the end of their 40th Anniversary March.  If you cannot be there to meet them in person (Greenham Common Information) you can of course watch their progress on the live-map, tweet them on twitter, watch  the video downloads as we are receiving them, listen to their podcasts and enjoy the pictures that we upload to the site daily.  Much love and luck to the marchers as they undertake the final leg.

The marchers hit their 99 miles in Hungerford today.

The Marlborough to Hungerford Gallery

Greenham Peace Women gather to remember anti-nuclear weapons protest 40 years on.

Read the article in NewburyToday

The organiser, Rebecca Mordan.  A truly inspirational Greenham Woman.

Hear yesterdays live interview on BBC Womans Hour

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The marchers on the road to Hungerford.  See video...

The March goes canal side in sweet song.  See video...

The fantastic all female photographic team for day 8.

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