Read all about it!  3rd-5th September.  Weekend of Celebrations at  Greenham Common


All the news and latest updates from the days March.

Read All About It!


The March arrived after 9 days and 110 miles on Greenham Common.  They were met by a welcoming party who had walked from the Control Tower to the Bloo Gate and both groups sang as the walked towards each other and met for an emotionally charged union.  Greenham Common stretched to meet a vivid blue sky making a breath taking backdrop to the combined mass of colour and song.  Banners waved in the breeze and the doves, who had made the entire march, flapped insouciantly on their sticks to the rhythm of the walkers.  The Control Tower, now a cafe, squatted incongruously behind the hedgerows as they approached.  An avenue of applause and cheers greeted the assembly while they covered their last hundred metres.  There were drinks and tents with talks and slide shows.  There was poetry, stories, experience, friendships and solidarity.  To be there amongst the Greenham Women gave the sense that you were, from then on, embroidered into its history.   It was moving, fascinating, and very, very humbling.

We made it!  The March reaches Greenham today.

The Greenham Gallery

End of day slideshow at Greenham Common

40 years on and the relationship between Greenham Women and the local police is in a positive place.  We are glad to report - no arrests today!

Congratulations to everyone involved at every stage of this event.

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Beautiful 3-part harmony of 'Angry Women'.  See video...

Poetry at the Common from a next generation feminist activist.  See video...

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