Day 2.  Friday 27th August Newport to Chepstow


Our marvellous marchers began the most lengthy section of the march, a 16 mile route from Newport to Chepstow, which will be followed by a 17 miler the next day.

More than ever they needed encouragement to help them along this historic route.

The starting point was Presbyterian Church Of Wales, now known as the  Community House.

 This day's march was expected to take around eight hours and our weary but proud participants were reached their destination, Chepstow Riverfront Bandstand  at around 7pm.

From 7-8.30 a powerful and thought provoking 'Weaving the Web/inars: Greenham 40th: Feminist disarmament and treaty-building.' was broadcast bringing a close to the day's proceedings.

Among the aching feet and the smiling faces there was a glass or two of well deserved wine, celebrating the fantastic achievements of all involved.

Listen to the day's podcast

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Three young female activists join a march to celebrate 40 years since the Greenham Common Women’s Peace protest

Connecting the #MeToo generation with the women who paved their way.

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Photographs by Barbara Santi © 2021.

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Check out the brilliant pictures from SouthWales Argus.  They include Ingrid Wilson,  at the Community House in both 1981 and 2021.  Jill (Ray) Raymond, in the Greenham Peace Camp for 16 years and Rosemary Butler who talked at the Riverfront Theatre after todays march.

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