Day 3. Saturday 28th August -  Chepstow to Bristol


The women left Chepstow Drill Hall for stage 3 of the march.

Stage 2 was a tough day for the lovely ladies as both stage 2 and stage 3 were 16 and 17 mile stages, back to back and the longest sections across the entire route.

The group arrived to a fabulous welcome committee on Horfield Common, Bristol where emotions ran high.

The ladies said that this stage was the loneliest so far and they kept their spirits flying by singing old Greenham Songs which a wonderful marcher by the name of Clare is collating and trying to preserve for the history of Greenham Women.

Going  along the route cars tooted their horns in support and shouted  messages of encouragement which was fantastic to hear.

The march ended with live music by the Bristol Quakers House on a balmy summer evening with friendships rekindled and stories shared.

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2021 and 40 years on - Greenham women again crossing the Severn Bridge

We love all the original Greenham badges we are seeing.  If you have pictures of badges from any period of the peace camps at Greenham  we would very much like you to send them to us to be added to our growing archive.  Get in touch..