Day 9. Friday 3rd September -  Hungerford to Greenham Common


A brilliant assembly of marchers arrived for the last stage of the 40th Anniversary March.

Leaving Hungerford in song they embarked on their last 11 miles to Greenham.

Early afternoon finds them paused for a beautiful three part harmony on a bridge in bright sunshine - click here to watch video.

The march was at a well deserved and more leisurely pace taking in the tranquil scenery along the riverside, arrival at the Control Tower was around 6pm.

Throughout these last 9 days they have photographed, videoed, tweeted, podcast and thoroughly documented their historic tribute to all the women involved in the Greenham Protest from the first 36 women in 1981 until the final victory in 2000.

The Hungerford to Greenham Gallery

Spreading smiles alongside the river.  See video...

The March takes the final stage from Hungerford today.

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The marchers leave Hungerford this morning.  See video...