We’ve just heard about Deeds, Not Words, an exhibition showcasing an ongoing body of work that depicts women’s roles within protest movements in the UK, by British documentary photographer Denise Laura Baker. This opens on Saturday 27th January and is right up our street – we can’t wait to attend!

“Acts of civil disobedience rarely go unpunished and those of us that commit these acts of love, in order to protect life, do not do so without consequences. Nevertheless, we believe we know how history will judge us.” Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion

Deeds, Not Words is an exhibition that focuses on women in activism across a multitude of ongoing movements and protests including Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter, Animal Rebellion, Million Women Rise, Stop HS2,Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil, plus others from particular actions such as Myanmar, Iranian, Ukrainian and Free Palestine crisis.

Denise Laura Baker is a London based, socially engaged photojournalist, and documentary photographer. Her work focuses on environmental and social issues, climate change, activism, and community. Denise continually collects and tells stories through her photography, pairing images with recorded or written dialogue in order to give voice to those with whom she collaborates.

Exhibition info

DATES: Sat 27 Jan – Sat 13 Apr

TIMES: Open Mon – Sat 10:00 – 17:00

PRICE: Free entry

WHERE: Gallery 74, Waterside