We are happy to announce that the second episode of our NEW podcast ‘Greenham Uncommon’ is out!

‘Motherhood’ features Kate Kerrow, and the testimonies of Greenham Women as taken from the Greenham Women Everywhere Oral Archives.

Kate Kerrow, co-author of “Out of The Darkness: Greenham Voices 1981 – 2000”, discusses the Greenham women’s reflections on motherhood, exploring the benefits and the challenges of raising children at camp and the learnings from camp, which enriched attitudes to parenting and awakened young minds.

Listen to the episode here.

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Script written by Kate Kerrow

Audio compiled and mixed by Alice Robinson (with kind guidance from Danny Searle)

Original Music by Flo Perlin

Art Work by Kayleigh Hilsdon

“Out of the Darkness” by Kate Kerrow and Rebecca Mordan is available now in all good book shops!

With thanks to National Lottery Heritage Fund and Greenham Women everywhere

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A podcast by Greenham Women Everywhere, a partnership project between Scary Little Girls & The Heroine Collective. Greenham Women Everywhere has interviewed over 100 women who chose to come to Greenham. In this mini series we’ve woven together a web of voices and memories, to shine a light on a history of female protest that has been largely forgotten.