Greenham Women Everywhere is a project designed to collate and preserve the history and heritage of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp.

Women gathered in 1981 for what would become an almost 20 year peaceful and nonviolent protest against state violence, militarisation, and nuclear weapons.

Greenham Women Everywhere, the project and the women behind it, are deeply saddened by what is happening in Ukraine.

The invasion by Russia is no more and no less than bully boy tactics.

We know that Greenham Women have been pleased to see non-violent tactics used in efforts to hold back the invasion. We wish all those resisting it power strength and solidarity.

We send love.

We wish we could do more.

We stand with Ukraine.

If you are financially able to donate, here is a list of organisations who are actively helping citizens in Ukraine.

The Disasters Emergency Committee are raising funds here

Find your nearest demonstration here.

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