Calling all Greenham Women! You are invited to co-create and perform in an exciting collaboration with dance company Feet Off the Ground!

Feet off the Ground creates transformative, relatable outdoor dance productions which comment on socio-political issues through a feminist lens. The work reflects the company’s collective belief in the therapeutic benefit of movement, human connection and touch, and their democratic and collaborative approach to creating dance.

The core collective is made up of 4 artists: Lucia, Patricia, Robyn and Sophie who work in a democratic, non-hierarchical way both in and out of the studio. Feet off the Ground are proud to present an ensemble solely managed and performed by women.

They are looking to recruit three separate groups, each consisting of up to ten intergenerational women to co-create and perform an extended show finale for their outdoor dance performance Turning Point, focusing on the themes of community, climate, celebration, unity and protest. Here is some info:

About the show Turning Point:

The world is spinning, the future is uncertain but we have power to change it.

Using a rotating stage, Feet off the Ground blend contemporary dance with poetry and an evocative sound scape to unravel women’s stories of protest, climate, community and hope.

“In 2022, we collaborated with Greenham Women Everywhere during the research and development phase…It was truly an honour to share the space with such inspirational women and this symbiotic experience significantly influenced the work and enhanced our creative process.”

Now they are looking for women to co-create and perform – women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and no previous dance or movement experience is required.

Show & Rehearsal Dates:

1). Green Hustle Festival in Nottingham

• Shows: Saturday 1st June: 11:30am & 3pm (times subject to minor change)

• Rehearsal: Friday 24th May at FABRIC: 9:30 – 5pm

2). Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp

• Show: Saturday 8th June. Time TBC

• Rehearsal: Friday 7th June at Centre 101 Outdoor Arts in Newbury: 9:30 -5pm

3). Riverlight Festival in Sleaford

• Shows: Saturday 22nd June: 11am & 2pm

• Rehearsal: Friday 21st June – venue in Sleaford (TBC) 9:30 – 5pm

Lunch will be provided on rehearsal and performance days.

Expenses & Bursaries:

• We can cover up to £12 per participant to contribute towards travel costs

• We have two childcare/care bursaries per group available of up to £120 per bursary

• Please note that we require a £20 refundable deposit to take part

How to take part:

Please send an expression of interest by via email to: [email protected]

Deadlines are as follows:

Green Hustle Festival: 5pm on the 26th April 2024

Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp: 5pm on 3rd May 2024

Riverlight Festival: 5pm on the 17th May 2024

Please include:

• A short paragraph telling us a bit about yourself and why you’re interested in the project. If you have a creative practice, hobby or interest we would love to hear about it. This is not a requirement.

• Where you are based/travelling from

• Which show date you are applying for as well as your availability for both the rehearsal and performance date

• If you require a childcare/care bursary

• If you have any access needs

• Your dietary requirements

We would love to work with everyone that is interested, however we are limited with the number of spaces we can accommodate. We will let you know the outcome no later than 4 days after the deadline. We can’t wait to hear from you!