We are SO excited to announce this!

September 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the march, from Cardiff to Greenham, and the establishment of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace camp.

This momentous achievement is sadly not known about nearly as much as it deserves to be and so we want to get this amazing piece of history seen and heard!

We’re raising funds to create iconic merch – tea towels, facemasks, tote bags and hi-vis march vests – to get this 40th anniversary right in front of people’s eyes and create talking points.

Will you help us raise £1500? 

This will help us get printing, design, sourcing and initial purchasing set up and everyone who pledges will get an exciting reward! It will also support our re-creation of the historic march (we’re planning a real re-creation – you’re invited to join us – and we’re also planning a covid proof alternative in case we’re not allowed to travel – more on that soon!)

If we’re fortunate enough to raise more than this, we will either create more merch to sell, or use the funds to further support the march – it depends on the Covid situation.

Visit the Crowdfunder page and pledge your support here – thank you in advance!