Photograph by Raissa Page. Copyright: Adrianne Jones. Not to be used without permission.

Forty years ago today, the Greenham Women undertook the Silos Action

Early in the morning, on New Year’s Day 1983, 44 women propped ladders against the fence, laid strips of carpet over the top, climbed into the base, and danced on the missile silos in one of their many creative, anarchic, peaceful and funny protests. Many were arrested, and taken to court.

Images from this action went round the world and positioned the Greenham Women and their protest firmly in the spotlight of the mainstream media. Clips of the action, and the court case that followed can be seen in this video – and do watch until the end to see what happens when women use a bike lock to lock the gate of the base together that yields to neither bolt cutters nor hacksaw… the response could, just maybe, be seen as a metaphor for nukes.

Many Greenham Women say they weren’t extraordinary. In our interviews, they have told us that they were ordinary women who were moved by a belief and so, together they did extraordinary things. The point they make is that we can all find that power within us. We can all do extraordinary things.

There’s a lot to be angry about right now, a lot to fight. Why not make 2023 the year you channel the Greenham Women and make a difference to what matters to you? Whatever you do to fight for the issues you care for, it matters. Every act matters.

Find your extraordinary. It’s in you already. And a very happy new year to you.