We are SO excited to announce the release of our Embrace the Base! board game!

Embrace the Base! is a co-operative board game that takes you into the heart of Greenham Women’s Peace Camp through the experiences of those who lived, visited, and spent time there. Featuring the evocative designs of Jacky Fleming and a wealth of resources drawn from the Greenham Women Everywhere project, this print-and-play game is infinitely replayable and expandable.

In this game, players find out about, and represent different gates of the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp. Gates then work together to make actions happen, share resources, host campfire gatherings, and explore key locations around the base.

The game is available for free (as a gift to you!) just download the files below and play!

Embrace the Base Game

Embrace The Base – Campfire Book

Thank you to Naomi Paxton for the game concept, Jacky Fleming for the illustrations and Kay Reed for design.

When you give us your feedback for this game you will receive a £5 discount for the hard copy – releasing in 2022! Feedback here