National Vegetarian Week starts today here in the UK and runs through until the 22nd of May.

The week focuses on the choices we make about what we eat and the impact they have on the climate, as well as the individual animals. It’s increasingly clear that breeding animals for food is a significant contributor to climate change – making small changes to our individual diets can add up to big impacts. The campaign website says, 

“Our wildlife is under threat due to climate change, with some of the UK’s most recognisable and well-loved species at risk of extinction. Eating veggie is one of the simplest things we can all do to reduce our own carbon emissions.”

Truly, every meat free meal helps!

One of our favourite clips from our Soundcloud archive features a discussion about meat eating at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace camp. In ‘Hamper, we hear an imagined chat between Greenham Women and Linda McCartney’s chauffeur, delivering a hamper of treats from Harrods. There really was such a delivery, though the details of the conversation do not survive! 

In the exchange, the women point out that they’ve previously been sent caviar, smoked salmon, and tins of beef stew and the camp is largely vegan. As the conversation progresses we hear that Violet Gate eats meat – and that one woman, in a relationship with another member of the conversation, shares chicken sandwiches with a third woman, Hannah. 

‘Do you mind?” she asks. 

“Not really,” replies the other. “Just don’t expect me to kiss you for a while after.”  

“That’s a strong argument for a life without chicken sandwiches..”

There are lots of arguments for a life without chicken sandwiches and if you’d like to talk to us about them we’d be happy to. Here at Greenham Women Everywhere many of us are vegetarian or vegan. We spend no company money on any animal products and are proud to support vegan friendly businesses like The Female  Glaze, 34.4, and many others.

If you know of any that we could support do let us know – in the meantime if you want to reduce or remove meat from your plate, check out the #NationalVegetarianWeek website for ideas – it could be as simple as swapping one meal, one ingredient or eating veggie for a whole week. 

If you sign up to the week via the website, you’ll get great support including:

  • Delicious carbon-calculated recipes, so you can see how much difference you could make.
  • Find out how choosing veggie food protects the wildlife we all know and love!
  • Veggie offers and discounts
  • Exclusive online talks during the week
  • Helpful daily tips to bring fresh ideas to your meals!
  • and lots, lots more…