Did you know that a version of the Greenham Songbook is available online?

Available here as a download, the Songbook lists lyrics and credits the creators and adaptors of 14 songs sung at the camp.

The Women of Greenham
You Can’t Kill The Spirit
Sarah’s Song – Can’t Forbid Us To Sing
We Are Women
Chant Down Greenham
Carry Greenham Home
Stand Up
Take The Toys From The Boys – listen here to the wonderful Becky Barry and T J Holmes version
Four Minutes To Midnight
Which Side Are You On?
Under The Full Moonlight We Dance
Silos Song
We Are Gentle Angry Women (Singing For Our Lives) – listen to an incredible, haunting version by Carleen Anderson here 
Greenham Lullaby

Did you sing these? Were other songs sung there too? We’d love to record your memories – get in touch to share them!

The Songbook is just one of many linked from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive , which documents and celebrates the wealth and diversity of the feminist music-making of the 1970s and 80s and demonstrates its importance in the political and social context of that era. It’s well worth exploring.