We are so excited that so many summer events are back on the calendar this year. Our sisters at Scary Little Girls have a massive Mayven Festival planned (do check it out here) and while Covid has not gone away, we hope you are finding ways to live with it and manage some socialising. 

For the vegans or vegan-curious among us, there are masses of vegan events coming up.

Here are just a few – go, try something new, and enjoy!

Edinburgh Vegan Festival – 8th May

Portsmouth Vegan Festival – 14th May

Northern Vegan Festival Manchester – 15th May

Bath Vegan Festival – 4th June

Morecambe Vegan Festival – 5th June

Vegan Life Live London – 11th – 12th June

Great Yorkshire Vegan Market Leeds – 12th June

West Yorkshire Vegan Festival Huddersfield – 3rd July

Vegan Camp Out Leicestershire – 15th -18th July

Vegan Kids Festival, Dorset – 22nd – 24th July

Welsh Vegan Festival Cardiff – 7th August

Bournemouth Vegan Festival – 3rd September

Great Yorkshire Vegan Christmas Market Leeds – 6th November

North East Vegan Festival Sunderland – 6th November

Manchester Winter Vegan Festival – 20th November

Bath Vegan Festival – 26th November