We are SO EXCITED to tell you that we have been successful in an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a WHOLE BUNCH of activities around the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp!

We have been planning and plotting, and the last but one piece of the puzzle was the funding. We were always going to do something, and we’re good at making one pound do the work of two, but this allows us to go big with our ideas. The last piece of the puzzle is YOU – do you want to get involved? Let us know!

We’ll be making more announcements over the next few weeks as we confirm things but this amazing funding means that (covid dependent) our march can go ahead with ALL the bells and whistles – something excitingly digital, smashing events will take place at every stop on the way,  and soooo much more!

Raise an iced coffee and join us as we celebrate – and thank YOU for being part of this momentous journey so far!