Ali was brought up in a family concerned by social justice; her grandfather was a conscientious objector in WWI. She joined CND as a teenager and took part in demonstrations against the Vietnam War. In the initial days of Greenham, Ali was working abroad, but visited when she could. In 1984 she moved to Wiltshire and joined the Bradford-on-Avon Peace Group, which was active in Cruise Watch. She recalls nights on Salisbury Plain, hearing the click of her phone being tapped, the slashing of her tyres. She was part of the ‘Snowball’ actions which saw women surrounding other military bases in the UK, with the intention of being arrested. The idea was to overrun the court system, but Ali says women were often kettled or taken in temporarily but not charged. She connected with other Greenham Women on the 40th Anniversary march to Greenham in 2021, and they have since campaigned as Greenham Women at Faslane, COP26 and Unite to Survive in London.

Ali was interviewed by Jill ‘Ray’ Raymond in April 2022.