Ann was a PhD student when she first went to Greenham and Sally an American citizen living in the UK. The women met at Greenham, living permanently at Orange Gate between 1983-85. They found in Greenham a place where women grew in confidence, could ‘be themselves’, many women ‘becoming’ feminists in a space free of male hierarchy. Both women believe Greenham had a major impact on the Cold War as its existence and actions opened up debate about nuclear weapons. They remember Greenham Women as a generation that went on to achieve remarkable things, and believe Greenham gave them, personally, the confidence to understand you do not have to follow the rules if you believe they are wrong. In addition, Greenham provided them with a strong moral foundation to pass on, and the ability to question everything.

Ann and Sally were interviewed by Nicky Arikoglu in 2019.

They were photographed by Christine Bradshaw © 2019.

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Interview Transcript