Atalanta was born in Singapore to an army family, growing up in a sexist environment, living in Germany and several places in the UK. She dropped out of school and university and worked at a political bookshop where she got involved in political activism. She went to Greenham with a school friend, initially to Green Gate in December 1984, then to Blue Gate after the winter. She speaks of taking down sections of the fence and mass trespasses, breaking into an American vehicle depo, and being terrified at seeing the imposing convoy in the middle of the night. She remembers aggression from locals in Newbury, especially at Blue Gate by the road, but also of the kindness from the Quaker meeting house, the Empire café and local health food shop. She was arrested a few times and spent a short time in Holloway prison, where she remembers several women who were in there for economic reasons and the guilt she felt at having to leave them behind.

Atalanta was interviewed by Nicky Arikoglu in 2019.

Interview Transcript