Having been involved in her local CND group, Becky first went to Greenham Common for the Embrace the Base action when she was seventeen years old.

She describes arriving by coach at the main gate and being overwhelmed by the sight of hundreds of women gathered together, knowing it was where she had to be. She moved to Greenham soon after and lived there full-time for over two years at yellow gate.

She also lived briefly at the The Women’s Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice in Senaca, New York, having visited as part of a Greenham women’s solidarity trip. She took part in various actions, breaking into the base to dance on missile silos or have a teddy bears’ tea party on the day of her 18th birthday. 

Becky was arrested several times for her part in such actions and served time in prison. She describes feeling very lucky to have been at Greenham, surrounded by strong, political women.

Becky was interviewed by Jo Liptrott in London in 2019.

She was photographed by Christine Bradshaw © 2019. https://www.christinebradshawphotography.com/

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Interview Transcript