Intrigued by the idea of a peaceful women only revolution, Cas decided to spend an afternoon at Yellow Gate and eventually lived at Blue Gate for two and a half years. She says Greenham was a transformative part of her life which allowed her to step out of one life into another.  

She talks about the challenge of balancing home and Greenham visits and the domestic conflict this caused.  Her daughter at the age of ten visited the camp and loved it, especially being chased by a helicopter.   

Cas tells the story of the women at Blue Gate setting a record for how many arrests could be made until 12 midnight on New Year’s Eve.  She talks about the women using false names and 200 Nancy Reagan’s were arrested on that night along with herself as Doctor Norma Shearer. 

She said she mourned for the camp when she left and still does. “My escape was the camp, being outside, the physical work, the sound of just women, their laughter and song.” 

Cas was interviewed by Tricia Grace-Norton in February 2021.

Interview Transcript