Celia helped set-up and run Hayford Peace Camp – a sister camp to Greenham Common that allowed both men and women to protest together. She visited Greenham for Embrace the Base and describes how they decorated the wire fence. She describes protest activities including cruise watch at night in cars along the M4 and monitoring the transport of goods in and out of the camp. Celia is a wonderful artist and made many of the banners for Hayford and discusses the song and dance that surrounded the peace movement. With her husband, Celia hosted many members of the Hayford Peace Camp in her house and relates the sacrifices and impact of protesting on family life. In a particularly touching moment, Celia read out a poem that her daughter had written aged 16. Much of the interview is structured around looking at photographs and material Celia had collected relating to the peace camps.

Celia was interviewed by Kitty Gurnos Davies in 2019.

Interview Transcript