3 Generations at Greenham, her mother Ursula, daughter Diana and granddaughter , Fenella. Diana has been a pacifist all her life and set up the Totnes Women for Peace. In 1982 she went to the first Greenham demonstration of women’s hands around the fence. She had been on many mixed demonstrations which were often violent and thought that women could do it differently.

She lived at Greenham part-time for nearly 3 years. She took part in all of the actions including: The Black Cardigan Demonstration, Easter, Dragon Day Bunny Party. She read a very interesting letter she sent to her children about the Easter Action she attended with her 3 three old daughter in April 1983. Her mother attended all the demonstrations and was arrested (aged 63) for dancing on the base along with 80 other women and spent 3 weeks in Holloway as examples. She has a press cutting about her mother “Gran’s Strip Ordeal” as Ursula refused a strip search. Diana was arrested and insisted at being tried in her local court supported by many Greenham women.

She speaks very eloquently about the creative conversations with women from around the world (including the miners’ wives) sitting around the fire and trying to escape the smoke. She talked about how the women put “energy” into the vehicles breaking down when they were being removed or making us invisible when trying to hide. “We really believed in those spells” as they always seemed to work.

Diana was interviewed by Tricia Norton in 2019.

Interview Transcript