Evelyn’s involvement in Greenham started in 1979 when Newbury was informed that missiles would be sited there, and she took an interest through the local Labour Party. She is a Quaker, and speaks of how she distanced herself from confrontation, although she was very involved on moral and ethical grounds. In 1982 Evelyn took part in the Embrace the Base action and goes on to describe RAGE (Ratepayers Against Greenham Encampment) which took unpleasant action against the women such as tearing down the camps and using maggots and blood, resulting in many locals opposing their treatment. She shares her memories of Aldermaston, zapping, changes in the law, and the influence her environmental campaigning has had on her children. Her memories of Cruise Watch include how one woman put a potato down the vertical exhaust of one of the military vehicles, managing to stop the whole convoy!

Evelyn was interviewed by Leslie Lyle in September 2020.

Interview Transcript