Jane is a lawyer who represented many Greenham Women and was already an active feminist herself. She first got involved in defending the women in 1982 when they broke into the base and took over a sentry box. She recalls the core of their defense being, “It’s not us on trial, it’s them,” and the magistrates being stunned when they refused to be bound over to keep the peace. She remembers journalists bringing champagne to greet Greenham Women coming out of prison, daffodils in the court room, cases brought against travelers and using powerful evidence from a nun on Hanford and Dr Alice Stewart on Hiroshima to illustrate the seriousness of their plight. Jane also tells the tale of Greenham Women taking the US Government to court to try and prevent them siting the missiles at Greenham and coming up against the attorney Rudy Giuliani!  

You can read a first hand account of the free support Jane gave Greenham Women in chapter 18 of the wonderful Other Girls Like Me by Stephanie Davies.

Jane was interviewed by Vanessa Pini in April 2021.

She was photographed by Tony Prime for the Observer in March 1983.

Interview Transcript