Based in Australia and born in Manchester, Jane was the first one of her family to go to University in the early 1980s. She quickly joined the Wolverhampton Poly CND Group, and after reading a plee to support the Peace Camp she travelled in a small mixed group of students to Greenham. Jane took one look at the base, and the concept of having nuclear weapons hit her so forcibly that she was “never the same”. Jane dropped out of Uni and went to live at Greenham in February the next year. Her experience was varied: she raised two young children there, she was arrested and served time at Holloway Women’s Prison, and unexpectedly travelled across Europe to rally for peace.  


Being at the camp early on, Jane remembers the missiles arriving, and the inception of the Embrace the Base Action: She recalls the preparation of sourcing and hauling countless wooden pallets through the woods to create a walkway for the thousands of women who would arrive. 

Jane was interviewed by Jill ‘Ray’ Raymond in December 2021.