Jeane Diamond, a life-long activist, describes her time at Greenham Common. She discusses the politics of the time and the lack of awareness among the protestors; the position of feminism and lesbianism. Jeane talks about the likely presence and use of equipment being developed which transmitted micro and sonic waves and their long-term physiological effects on her health.

Jeane was interviewed by Leslie Lyle in September 2020.

Jeane’s activism began in the USA as a young woman in the anti-Vietnam war movement before she moved to the UK and the west country. She was involved in the WLM of the 70s so GCWPC combined these with her spiritual and philosophical interests. In this second interview, she talks about the early years of Greenham at Yellow and Green Gates and the importance for her of magic and meditation whilst living on the common.

She reflects on how Greenham grew into a mass movement, of the difficulties of daily survival and of the challenges and changes the great diversity of women involved brought.

In retrospect, Jeane feels that during those years there were opportunities for great change in the world and she remembers her Greenham years with fondness.

Jeane was interviewed by Jill Raymond (Ray) in March 2021.

Interview Transcript