Jude’s interview exemplifies that ‘Greenham Women are Everywhere’. She visited Greenham regularly and took the message and spirit of Greenham back to her home near Stoke on Trent. She set up a Greenham support group, taking aid and actions against the local military presence.

She talks about feeling liberated by taking part in mass actions at Greenham – being prepared to take on the full force of the state, and seeing the absolute chaos that women could cause.

Jude explains that with high unemployment and Thatcherism in the 1980s; protest, DIY and solidarity became a way of life. She was part of many women’s groups – one which squatted a building to set up The Potteries Women’s Refuge – offering vital services to women that were simply not available from the state – and supported the Miners Strike through fundraising and picketing.  

Jude’s activism has continued throughout her life and today her work advocates for the rights of people who are seeking asylum. She emphasises the importance of utilising the full spectrum of activism and working where you are most effective. 

Jude’s interview paints a truly fascinating picture of solidarity and local activism that went alongside the Greenham movement. 

Jude was interviewed by Josie Argyle in December 2021.