Juliet became aware of Greenham when she was a student at the University of Sussex in Brighton. She loved the camp as soon as she got there, and took part in a number of actions including Embrace the Base in December 1982 and dancing on the silos on New Year’s Day 1983. She became a trainer in non-violent direct action, empowering many more women to unite at Greenham. Juliet shares deeply personal memories about the New Year’s Day Action; from stumbling upon it by chance with her girlfriend, to crawling through the bushes with ladders, being arrested and placed inside a metal locker, having prescription medication taken off her by the police, and making the difficult decision to ‘keep the peace’ at trial to avoid doing time at Holloway. After a friend decided to go to prison, she set up a peace camp in a public green back in Brighton until she was released.  

Juliet shares with generosity how challenging it was to be accepted by her parents as a Greenham Woman, and how “crucially important” the camp was for her.  

Juliet was interviewed by Tricia Grace Norton in December 2021.