Mother and daughter Margi and Lottie took part in a Star March from Ipswich to Greenham in 1983. Living in Ipswich at the time, Margi was part of Ipswich Women for World Disarmament and took an active role in protesting against Sizewell B. Margi brought three children with her on the journey including Lottie and was pregnant with her fourth. They recall spending their summer holiday on the walk, camping in people’s gardens and protesting in town centres on their way to Greenham. They remember colourful characters from many walks of life along the walk, united in female empowerment and taking a stand against nuclear. Lottie remembers being enchanted by the horse drawn travellers who marched to Greenham with their bow top wagons.

Now living in Norfolk, they have shared in activism over the years. Lottie is now a midwife, and before Margi retired, she was a teacher and counsellor. Lottie explains how formative the experience of travelling to and visiting Greenham was for her, how it has shaped her personal politics and encouraged her to question authority. She recalls how having a mother who stepped outside of the narrow boundaries of womanhood of the time has informed her life and freedom now as both a woman and mother. 

Margi and Lottie were interviewed by Josie Argyle in December 2021.

In the photograph, Lottie is singing at the front and Margi is wearing the white woolly hat. They are at a CND carol service in Ipswich.

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