Greenham was not the first time Mary was actively involved in social and political movement; prior to Greenham she had been supporting peace movement for years.

Both Mary and her husband played an active role in Greenham in the 1980s. They had a van together that they would use to go from Bristol to Newbury, transporting goods to the women (fire wood and blankets etc.).

Mary never stayed at camp overnight but had a good relationship with Orange Gate, and was part of actions such as codified phone-chains which signified when blockades would be best used to stop camp invasion.

Anna attended a Quaker school and showed large interest in political movement from a young age, inspired by her mothers’ activism.

With her mother, she attended camp as a young adult.

Anna stated that with the climate change activism happening at the moment, young people might think that Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) is a new concept, but Greenham paved the way for this. 

Mary and Anna were interviewed by Emily Strange in Bristol in 2019.

She was photographed by Christine Bradshaw © 2019.

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Interview Transcript