We know that a lot of you have heard about the recent MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION film all about the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. We’re incredibly proud to say that our own Rebecca Mordan hosted a panel discussion at the BFI about the film and the women in it – and we’re even prouder to say that many of the amazing women featured are also featured in our archive! Interviewing them has been immense for us – we’re honoured to host their stories.

Like our archive, the film recounts the incredible stories of a myriad of different women who stepped out of their daily lives to fight for a cause they believe passionately in. One of the things so many Greenham Women tell us is that they weren’t extraordinary women and that was the point. They were ordinary women who decided enough was enough, who decided to protest. And that if they could make that decision, to stand up to authority, to leave lives they’d been brought up to, to be the change they wanted to see in the world, so could other ordinary women. They took power they never knew they had – and never gave it back.

The film includes Nobel Peace Prize winning Rebecca Johnson who hosts the wonderful Greenham Women Everywhere Weaving the web/inars. Some of the amazing Greenham Women we’ve interviewed who are also featured in the film are Bristol Quaker Fran De’Ath, journalist and key administrator for the campaign Lynette Edwell and original Women for Life on Earth marcher Karmen Thomas.

Watch the trailer here, search online to find the film on your favourite platforms, and listen to and read their full interviews at Greenham Women Everywhere.