Today, the 5th June, is World Environment Day. This year, the campaign calls for  collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

We’re in.

Like our Greenham Foremothers, who marched as Women For Life On Earth, we fear for the future of our planet. Not just because of nuclear weapons – though, almost unbelievably, they are very much still here – but because of the damage our consumerist way of life is doing to this fragile place we call home.

It can feel impossible to win. We’re told what (not) to eat, what (not) to wear, what (not) to drive, do, buy or consume. And against a backdrop of consumerism, where we’re told so often that solutions come with price tags, it can feel like the only way to win is to buy a better (more expensive) this, switch to a better (more expensive) that. And we are wholeheartedly aware of the very real issues facing people as the cost of living spirals. At Greenham Women Everywhere we all know women for whom current costs are out of reach, let alone increased ones.

What if solutions were easier – cheaper – free? What if they gave us back time, connection

What one thing could you change, and commit to keep doing, that would genuinely make your life, and our planet better? Love books? Join your library instead of buying new. Love great food? Try a new veggie recipe every week or two – start with these (really very easy) miso brownies and enjoy. Love clothes? Arrange a clothes swap or charity shop trail with a bunch of mates every few months for a cheap and cheerful get together. Or could you find 30 minutes, every week, to put down your phone go for a walk near you? Even residential streets can be full of beauty if you’re in the mood to spot it.

The crisis we are in has been caused by millions of individual actions, many made unconsciously in a world that wants us to spend spend spend.

Most of us can make one conscious choice to stop stop stop one thing.

Only one action.

Only one earth.

What action will you take this World Environment Day?