Penny was a member of the West Hampstead peace group, and after attending a conference on nuclear power she sought out women’s groups and anti-nuclear groups on moving to Reading. She had one small baby when the women arrived at Greenham and had another child soon after. She brought her daughter to Embrace the Base.  

She remembers Greenham as a romantic place, falling in love there, ‘much poetry was written’ she says. Penny did night watch regularly at Blue Gate to allow the women to sleep, and was arrested once for breaking into the base. She now lives in Newbury with her partner and is involved in Buddhism, which she was led to after the death of a Greenham Woman. 

 At 39 minutes, Penny reads an anti-nuclear poem she wrote at the time, ‘Herrings are Radioactive, Dear.’ 

Penny was interviewed by Jill ‘Ray’ Raymond in December 2021.