Rosy arrived at Greenham in 1989 visiting frequently until living permanently at Yellow Gate between 1993-1997. The INF Treaty had been signed and the Cruise missiles were being removed, public and media interest in the nuclear threat had diminished. However, Rosie participated in multiple NVDA’s, including those at Aldermaston and Burghfield. She believes it was the low-level, constant, daily disruption to the military that effected the removal of the cruise missiles and return of the common land to the people. Greenham, she thinks, was a model for women to speak out on major political issues.

Imprisoned thirteen times, including for actions against the later war in Iraq, Rosy’s unshakeable belief is that individuals, united in the face of injustice or mis-use of state authority can fight back and win.

She was interviewed by Nicky Arikoglu in 2019.

Interview Transcript