Sarah is an environmental campaigner who is currently involved in protesting the devastating damage caused to the London wetland areas by HS2. She was already involved in a women’s peace group when, attending a rally at Hyde Park in 1981, she heard about Greenham Common and decided to give up her job to live there. She resided at the camp for around five years, based at the main gate which became known as yellow gate. She describes an incident during which local vigilantes pulled up in a van to spray the women with offal and discusses the microwave ‘zapping’ of the protesters during which she feared for her safety. Like other women, Sarah was arrested and imprisoned due to her involvement in none-violent direct action but she had a unique experience of being at Greenham as she gave birth to her son there!

Sarah was interviewed by Josephine Liptrott in 2019.

She was photographed by Christine Bradshaw © 2019.

Interview Transcript