Sheila was already an active member of a Peace Group and decided to join Greenham because of the development of weapons of mass destruction. “There is so much in this world to love and cherish: and I wanted my name to be there to say I stood up and said NO I don’t want nuclear weapons.” She used to go with her friend Janet for 2 weeks at a time and camp in the woods, sometimes taking her 2 daughters with her, and organising coach trips to Greenham. On her first visit she was shocked by the sight of the huge fences. She and Janet felt very strongly about not getting into trouble as they had to get back to look out for the future of their children. Sheila’s daughter, Catherine, was influenced and inspired by her mother and Greenham to take up a career in International Relations from a Feminine Perspective. In one of the demonstrations items from home were pinned to the fence – Sheila pinned pictures of the family. It was a tremendous feeling of female solidarity.

Sheila was interviewed by Tricia Grace Norton in 2019.

Interview Transcript