Sheila is a Welsh woman who joined for part of the original march from Cardiff to Greenham with Women for Life on Earth. She had to go back home because of work, which she said she has been “spitting sparks” about ever since. She started spending time at the camp from 1986, mostly at Blue Gate, often bringing her young daughter. Sheila remembers her mother worrying about all the ‘green-haired lesbians’, but she says Greenham only cemented a conclusion she had already come to, of wanting to be with women. She got arrested on one occasion when she was visiting without her daughter. She had to be careful because she was a single parent, also working for Women’s Aid. She later went on to join the Workers Education Association, running women’s history classes. Her eldest granddaughter is currently the guardian of her photos from her time at Greenham, Women’s Aid, and the Reclaim the Night march. 

Sheila was interviewed by Josie Argyle in April 2022.