Siobhan heard about Greenham through the ‘grapevine’ and went there with her friend, Alison.  As they were both cooks, they took their converted living vans and set up a café at green gate selling food very cheaply.  They made fresh bread every day and blackberry jam. 

“Our café was like a little bit of home and everything was made with love.” 

Siobhan talks about meeting a new friend and making a deep connection through a song they both knew. As a result of that magic fruiting of their Greenham friendship they co-founded the intercultural “Tribe of Doris” which is still running. 

She recalls the power and delight of a women only camp and how they were supported by men.  

Even now, when she hears a helicopter, she still makes an image with her hands (a vulva) which she describes in the interview. She believes that the legacy of Greenham is: 

“She’s like an ancestor that we know well, behind us and before us to lean on and draw the energy from.” 

Siobhan was interviewed by Tricia Grace Norton in November 2021.