Suzanne has enjoyed a long and successful career in the NHS. She did not live full-time at the Greenham Common peace camp but was a regular visitor, occasionally staying overnight, in the early-mid 1980s. She first visited the camp for Embrace the Base and returned numerous times in the years that followed, often accompanied by one or both of her sisters. Suzanne’s first daughter, Scarlett, was born in September 1984 at the South London Hospital at which Greenham women were frequent visitors to join the occupation protesting the hospital’s closure. Suzanne felt that her role at Greenham Common was to provide morale and support to the women there by swelling their ranks when needed and demonstrating that their views were shared by others outside the camp. She was also part of a wider network connecting the women of Greenham to other actions and campaigns taking place around the country.

Suzanne was interviewed by Josephine Liptrott in 2019.

Interview Transcript