Vicki first heard about Greenham when studying at Southampton University. She was fascinated by the idea that it was a women-only space and protest.

She initially went as a weekend visitor and later lived there full-time at Blue Gate, staying for about two years.

She broke into the air base three times, on one occasion getting onto the silos and on another running between the shelves of the on-site commissary. Cutting a huge hole in the fence and driving her car onto the runway resulted in a criminal damage conviction.

Vicky was a founder member of Cruisewatch, a group which aimed to monitor and disrupt military manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain. She remembers hostility from the local residents, regular evictions and too many lentils, but also describes a genuinely inclusive and nurturing women-only space where everyone was valued and heard.

Vicki was interviewed by Jo Liptrott in London in 2019.

She was photographed by Christine Bradshaw © 2019.

Interview Transcript