In the 80s, Susan was living in Exeter and working for Women’s Aid Refuge Centre. She joined the Exeter Women’s Peace Group and first visited Greenham in 1982 for Embrace the Base, and returned many times. She recalls various memories: blockading the base, the ‘holiday feeling’ of travelling to the camp, being hurt by a frightened policeman, and the shared belief that the world would end unless something was done. Her son was very young at the time and Susan feels she was lucky with childcare so she could spend time at Greenham. Susan had to give up her political activity around 1985 when she started her Occupational Therapist training, but has continued to go on marches and joined for the final part of the 40th Anniversary march to Greenham in 2021. 

Exeter Women’s Peace Group Timeline

Susan was interviewed by Jill ‘Ray’ Raymond in January 2022.